A Salford charity is working to spread awareness of how to support pets during bonfire night.

Salford charity, Animals in Distress, are an organisation helping local people whose pets struggle with stress and anxiety during firework displays.

Christina from Animals in Distress told us the best ways Salfordians can prepare their furry friends in preparation for the fast approaching celebration. She said: “The pet goes off the owner usually. If the owners on pins, the pets going to be on pins.”

She explained that usually it’s not the fireworks the pets are scared of, and they are not born with the fear. It is the experiences of the loud bangs and their owners’ behaviour that have lasting effects on the pet’s bonfire night experience.

Christina continued: “I’ve very, very rarely come across animals that actually have an issue with the fireworks, but I think it does depend on the people that they live with and the feedback they get off them.

“If you’re panicked, your child’s panicked, it’s just the same with animals.”

For many there’s very little that owners can normally do to help their animals who are stressed and anxious with the big bangs, however Christina explained what can be done to help them. She said: “You can get a calming medication for your dogs especially.

“You can also put the radio on, I know there is a station that does calming music for animals especially around bonfire night.

“Obviously don’t take them on walks when it’s happening because that would be frightening for them but give them a distraction like getting them to play instead. You could actually take fireworks noises and have them on in the background leading up to firework night as the dogs or cats are eating and then they’re getting a reward for listening to it in a way”.

For more help and advice on how to look after your pet in Salford this bonfire period call Animals in Distress at 0161 775 2221 or visit their website.

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