Days Like These exhibition poster at The Lowry

People in Salford are reliving their local memories from Salford in art form.

The exhibition is called #DaysLikeThese. The presentation was being held in the Lowry, but now they have released it to be viewed on the streets.

The showcase will be available to the public between the 22nd of May to the 29th August. In total there will be around seven pieces to view with a city-wide billboard campaign enabled through support from Art Fund.

The chief executive of the Lowry, Julia Fawcett OBE, said: “Our #DaysLikeThese exhibition was launched very early into the first lockdown and it has been amazing to see how people’s creative responses to the pandemic have changed over time”.

“We’ve shared that work online and cannot wait to do so in person when our galleries can re-open in the coming months. Until then, we thought why not get the work out there onto the streets where people can enjoy it safely – and Art Fund very generously agreed to help make it happen.”

The project is still open to contributions, just like Barbara from Ordsall, 74, who took a photograph of a mosaic rainbow in the window of her home, which is called Showing My Appreciation. This piece was the first poster site to go live outside The Lowry at Salford Quays.

Some of the other art to look out for around Salford are: Untitled by Gulafshah; View from a Window by Tiago; My Son Rafe by Karen from Eccles; Our School at Home by pupils from St. Mary’s RC Primary School in Swinton; The Carrs by Nessa Heath; and Missing our Family by Amanda.

The demonstration and the venture into the streets with the art was supported through a Respond and Reimagine grant from national arts charity Art Fund. The funding was designed to help museums, galleries and historic houses adapt following the pandemic in hopes to evolve for the future.

For more information, please visit the Lowry website or contact them via email at You can also follow both The Lowry and the Art Fund on their Twitter pages.

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