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Credit: Liz Theaker

“I can’t bring myself to leave the house”- meet the Salford woman who wants to help people with ‘winter blues’

A woman in Salford is raising awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression which mainly affects people during the winter months.

Crowds at the Salford Histories Festival. Credit: Mel Cionco

Safeguarding the future by remembering the past: Locals join in festival celebrating the history of Salford

Coal miners, artists, photographers, authors, and more roamed the streets of Salford, creating art and documents, capturing sights and conversations. […]

image used with permission: DPUK

“We don’t have to wait for a politician who is going to fix everything, we can tackle it on our own”: How Salford residents are fighting against rising energy costs

With the cost-of-living crisis unfolding, more Salford residents are standing in solidarity and pledging to not pay their energy bills. […]